About us

Re-think Innovation with CIPL, the Salesforce Industry Solution expert

Main Advantages of Working With CIPL

  • Proven technical expertise in Salesforce® customizing and custom development (APEX, Visualforce®, Salesforce 1®, Lightning)
  • Excellent understanding of Salesforce CRM functionality and possible processes optimization
  • Mature development processes: Coding Guidelines, Security Policies, Continuous Integration Setup
  • Extensive industry expertise: Retail, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Professional Services
  • Ready to on-board on a project in less than 2 business days

The smart way of doing business

CIPL helps you to reduce cost and improve productivity. We offer simple and affordable advice on most things “digital”. Ascendance’s founders and consultants have many years of experience in the local and overseas IT industry. The company was founded to address the needs of our clients, the small and medium enterprises (SME). Too often the consulting requirements of the SME’s are overlooked by the larger consulting firms. Working with CIPL is almost like having a family member in the IT business. Someone you can turn to for advice, guidance and a second opinion, without having to change your supplier or service provider. That is exactly what determined our core services offerings. We are an independent consulting business who can help clients to reduce cost, investigate contract and service provider alternatives, and assist in improving service received from other providers.

how we do it?

Any IT environment hinges on a dependent relationship between cost, risk and service. If the environment remains the same, a focus solely on cost reduction can risk impacting service quality or increasing other risks. Our service therefore provides an opportunity to achieve a different balance of these three dimensions through transformation of the services contract environment. Ascendance Consulting addresses both the management layer and the execution layer of the organisation’s IT environment. Our methodology is divided into several phases, in order to move the organization into a balanced future position, consisting of Solution Framing (Phase 1), Solution Design (Phase 2) and Solution Implementation (Phase 3).

Our Values

Our team consists of the most competent technical managers and certified engineers. We are well-versed in the integrated management of processes and resources, along with a wide range of modern technological stack. This, as well as high quality control is our guarantee of a successful IT project.

Use of Proven Methodologies

By combining the experience of working with major companies around the world and personal approach in working with Clients, we guarantee a high-quality implementation of software projects.


Our Project Management department will keep you up to date on the entire development process on a regular basis. You will receive progress reports at the end of each agreed stage of the project.

Use of Proven Predictability and Consistency

“Client comes first” approach became an integral part of CI’s corporate culture. We do not change team members during the project until He/She leave organization. All cooperation terms are held professionally and according to the contract.

Think strategically

We are strategic thinkers who see the big picture and look outside of the status quo. We implement and develop cost-efficient solutions that help clients respond to business challenges on a daily basis and in a long-term perspective.

Work consistently

For every project we handle, we not merely create a team, but make teamwork. Through synergy of our strengths and talents, we can do the best of ourselves and deliver real impact for our clients.

Focus on excellence

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinary well. We are professionals in what we do who always strive for excellence in service for our clients.